Good practices to keep being lucky scientifically

People tend to name themselves and bad or good luck for their experience, but Luck is a final outcome of a person’s thoughts and behaviour in a subtle way. The thoughts and behaviour are rarely noticed so luck would be the only reason for what has happened.1

For example, lucky people can spot more opportunities and are less tense than the unlucky ones, Unlucky people are usually too purpose centric thus don’t pay any attention to related things, this leads them missing possibilities. They are also suffered from the anxiety1 2, which is brought by their “bad luck” and disrupts their abilities to notice unexpected. This is a downward spin that make them feel from bad to worse, and is why they tend to say they have bad luck constantly.

Good luck can be formed by four pillars:1

  1. skills of creating and noticing chance opportunities.
  2. listening to intuition
  3. create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectation
  4. adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad into good.

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