Side Project List

A website that provides simulated exam for certification, it should support:

  1. single- and multiple-choice
  2. unlimited number of choices
  3. images in question and answers
  4. randomise answers
  5. fix an answer in a set position (like, keep the “above all” as the last answer)
  6. answer checking
  7. comments’ of the question left by students
  8. answer explanation

Video series of anti-virus/malware software

  1. download sample virus & malware
  2. each software use default settings
  3. latest version & database
  4. 2 scenarios: 1) having internet connection; 2) don’t have internet connection. 1

english reading helper

  1. parse a webpage to provide a cluster-less reading experience
  2. can mark english words as known or unknown,
  3. can tracking words statistics, like how many words have been read, appearance level per 1k words
  4. sentence reading difficulty measure
  5. recommend articles based on vocabulary level and reading difficulty

  1. [[Lies, and Damn Lies: . Getting Past the Hype of Endpoint Security Solutions]] ↩︎